With thanks

Depicted here are some of those known for their contributions, my apologies to those not included whose photo I didn’t take.

GRTHM would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our steering  group and the regional organisers and creatives who gave their time to make the month happen! 

GRTHM steering group: Jake Bowers, Hilda Brazil, Geoff Brown, Rocky Deans, Patricia Knight, Claire Lockwood, Yvonne MacNamara, Cassie Marie McDonagh, Andrew Ryder, Peter Saunders, Andrea Smith, Ann Wilson and Anthea Wormington.

Regional organisers: Thomas Acton, Jake Bowers, Kath Cresswell, Rocky Deans, Tim Everson, Nigel Groom, Kathleen Guthrie, Joe Hurn, Trish McDonald, Kirk Mulhearne, Jennifer Sanderson, Peter Saunders, Candy Sheridan, Siobhan Spencer, Violet Tucker, Ann Wilson and Sally Woodberry. 

And the artists who helped inspire the children to get involved in the first year:

Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Ferdinand Koci, Lloyd Holland and Daniel Baker. And to all the other artists, storytellers, musicians, performers, organisers, Traveller Education Services and schools and other event hosts too numerous to mention. Thank you.