07/06/2010 Romani Rose at The House of Lords, London

In 1991 German Sinti activist and Campaigner, Romani Rose, took over the management of the Documentation and Cultural Centre of the German Sinti and Roma, and oversaw the collation of their definitive exhibition about the Holocaust against the Roma and Sinti which was brought to Britain for the first time to launch GRTHM in 2010. 

Romani Rose attended the press launch for the exhibition opening, which was funded- symbolically -by the German Embassy in Britain, following which he accepted the invitation of Lord Avebury to meet with him at the House of Lords.

 Romani Rose is a German Sinti who lost 13 members of his family in the Holocaust. 

He is head of the central council of German Sinti and Roma and has led the struggle for their equal rights for two and a half decades.

07/06/10 Press Launch for the exhibition by The Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma. “The Holocaust against the Sinti and Roma and Present Day Racism in Europe”, Mile End Arts Pavilion, Tower Hamlets, London